Todd Lubar suggests that you work until you can’t do anymore, then you continue to work. In order to build a successful business, you must overlook the repetitiveness and the mundane work and instead continue to remind yourself of your goals and the bigger picture. As a successful entrepreneur, Mr. Lubar pointed out in a recent interview that despite initial setbacks, you must continue to move forward. Surround yourself with individuals whom you trust and who feel like they have a voice in your company.

As an entrepreneur and businessman, Todd Lubar is the President of TDL Global Ventures, LLC. Mr. Lubar is also the Senior Vice President of Legendary Investments. He is considered the top 25 mortgage designers by Angel List in the field of real estate in the country. Mr. Lubar has worked in real estate for more than 25 years, as well as in other industries, like entertainment, construction, and mortgage banking. Not only is he a personal success, he mentors and encourages many others in how to succeed in real estate and whatever their entrepreneurial goals are.

When asked how he formed TDL Global Ventures, Todd stated that he always wanted to help people meet their goals without worrying about how they will get loans to give them a helping hand. He set up TDL to alleviate their monetary worries and to find ‘relief.’ Mr. Lubar was asked what trend excites him the most in the field of real estate which he responded was technology, like that of push button controls and computer or cellphone security features.

To remain relevant in your goals, Todd Lubar further suggests reading David J. Schwartz book, entitled The Magic of Thinking Big. The book encourages people to set their expectations higher in aspects of your life. The book is one of Mr. Lubar’s favorite read whose principles he uses and shares: maximize your time professionally and personally, keep people around you who challenge and will help you grow, keep an environment of trust, and keep communication lines open in your business. Visit his website at

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