If history judges people by their level of success, Tony Petrello would be one of the people who would be given respect by everything around the globe. He is a great scholar and indeed a very hardworking person. You cannot separate him with success. Tony Petrello believes that skills, motivation, hard work, and dedication can take you places. He is a great lawyer, a mathematician and a famous philanthropist. He has a very long story about his journey to success. He has also mentored so many people. Just to touch some highlights about his success, Tony happens to have been one of the highest compensated ceos in the United States of America. He does not take success for granted. He works hard for it.

Secondly, Tony Petrello is one person with a giving spirit. Tony and charity works are inseparable and have for many years helping children suffering from neurological disorders. About his life, it is all about admiration respect. He has what it takes to become a successful person. He has been in the prayers of so many people because of his dedication and love that he has shown to them. He uses his own resources to help these people. In short, his spirit of giving is on another level. A philanthropist with a giving spirit. He started his charity work in the year 1990. Their journey was a bit tricky. It was when they got a child together with his wife Cynthia who was suffering from a malady called cerebral palsy. She was very light and had only 20 ounces as weight. That is when he started feeling the desire to help and started with Texas Children Hospital and donated them with a whopping $7 million. That was a very big boost to the hospital and he was selected to join the board of Trustees. That money was used to construct a complex which was purely for neurological care.

Tony Petrello was awarded a scholarship to study mathematics at Yale University. He was known to be a mathematics genius since his days at public schools. He studied both bachelors and masters from that University and later and somehow surprisingly to many people, he abandoned mathematics and Joined Havard School of Law. He graduated and was employed by Baker & McKenzie which was a major American law firm. He grew very well and even became a managing partner. At the company, he had a client by name Nabors Industries.Nabors happens to be the largest oil drilling company on earth. He was employed by the company after the managers discovered the prowess he had towards solving some skills. He had great skills and grew to be the CEO.

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