You ever wonder if the products really work that you seem to hear about constantly on the television. The media keeps us wanting to have a better product. Emily McClure decided that once and for all she would find out if Wen products really worked. She chose the Fig conditioner. For anyone who may not know that WEN is a combination of shampoo, conditioner and styling product in one. The Fig selection had promised that it would give her hair moisture, bounce and shine.
Emily tells that her hair is fine and she wanted to try WEN to get that fullness and shiny look. She has a facebook blog and keeps her visitors included with pictures and blogs each of the seven days she uses WEN. She was alarmed that she had to use so much product. It was twice as much or more and she wondered if it would weigh her fine thin hair down.

She realized early on that this would require her to get up early each morning to shower and shampoo instead of at night. As she went through the week she noted that by the end of the day her hair was limp and flat. On day 4 she woke up late and had to go without her mourning routine. When she got to the salon she worked at she said her hair was a grease ball.

On day seven, she continued with her morning routine to have the best hair she could. She had developed a love/hate relationship with WEN. She loved how her hair looked after she shampooed and styled her hair, but hated that she had to get up early to have that look of fresh hair. Her final thoughts were that WEN Cleansing Conditioner is a great product for those whose used to the morning routine of getting a shower in the morning. People like herself that don’t like getting up early may use WEN on occasion for shine. She was pleased with WEN and intends to use it for shiny look.

Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh cleansing products that are made with natural products like figs, lavender, pink jasmine peony and many more. With such a selection of “flavors” you’re sure to find one you can’t live without. WEN by Chaz Dean is an amazing product for your hair, and Guthy-Renker offers products for your body also. There is a WEN product for your pets. Take just a moment and see what you’ve been missing so you can have that amazing hair you long for. Your text to link…

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