Fagali’I is a town which is located on one of the islands that make up Samoa. It has about 1600 residents and most people get there via the Fagali’I International Airport. It is a town where the biggest industry is tourism. One of the most popular attractions is the Royal Samoa Golf Course.

There are many hotel options near Fagali’I International Airport. Some of these are priced very affordably with each night costing just $72, such as the Travellers Point Hotel. There are also upscale hotels including the Taumeasina Island Resort which costs $234 a night, and sometimes a special rate of $188 a night is offered. Many visitors to Fagali’I choose to stay near the airport as it is in a very convenient location. It is close to tourist attractions, restaurants, and shopping.

Fagali’I International Airport is both owned by Polynesian Airlines who also operate planes out of it. The international flights that in and out of this airport at to American Samoa and Pago Pago. The other airline that flies in and out of Fagali’I International Airport is Samoa Air.

Royal Samoa Golf Course is an 18 hole course that is located right next to Fagali’I International Airport. It is considered one of the top 100 golf courses in the world. It was first established in 1960 by Fagali’I residents who created the Royal Samoa Country Club. The front nine holes go through a coconut plantation. In 2007 it hosted the 13th South Pacific Games. According to reviews of the course it is very lush and includes a creek that winds through it.

Having a vacation in Fagali’I is very affordable, especially given that the current exchange rate is each Samoan tālā is worth $0.39. This makes it inexpensive to pay for a round-trip flight from either Pago Pago or American Samoa. They have flights in and out of Fagali’I International Airport every day of the week at various times throughout the day.

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