People are getting interested in what Whitney Wolfe is doing the dating app industry. She has become a leader that has managed to get a lot of other people to take a serious look at what was missing in the dating app industry. Match is a major dating app, and the CEO clearly saw what Whitney Wolfe was doing with this dating app as a competitive threat. There was such a large amount of worry about Whitney Wolfe and the growth of Bumble that Match founder Gary Kremen and Fran Maier made plans to buy Bumble. Whitney Wolfe refused.

She could have easily taken the $450 million that was offered, but she declined. Whitney Wolfe had other things in mind for the company that was clearly a growing at an incredibly rapid rate. It has been reported in Forbes that there is talk of a billion dollar valuation for this company. It may be a huge surprise to many, but it is not a huge surprise to Whitney Wolfe. She felt from the very beginning that the offer from Match was not enough for her to relinquish her rights to leading Bumble into the social media atmosphere. She has become what Forbes has dubbed the “1 Billion Dollar Queen Bee of Dating Apps.”

The world is taking note of what Whitney Wolfe is doing. She is creating a powerful brand that stands out as a major competitor. Few people may have guessed that Whitney Wolfe would make this type of power move on her own, but she has done this in a relatively short time frame. Leaving Tinder really may have been the best thing that she could have ever done. That is why there is so much fanfare surrounding her claim to fame. Click here to know more about her.

Whitney Wolfe has been changing the way that people perceive dating apps. She has become one of the most intriguing figures in app technology, and people are marveling at the fact that she is still under 30. Oddly, people would be surprised to know that Bumble was not even the website that Whitney intended to build. She initially had her mind on building a website called Merci. This would be a social network for women, but her focus would shift gears when she connected with Andrey Andreev, founder of the Badoo. The two hit it off and Whitney Wolfe realized that she had to create Bumble.

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  1. Doing something differently has always made a huge impact and that is what Bumble is experiencing. But with best essay writing service 2017 listing the good site of this app. It is now clear why Whitney Wolfe refused letting it go. Still below 30, Wolfe has clearly defined a different pattern of how dating apps operate.

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