From a recent interview with ABC News, there is a high possibility that Charles Koch will support Hillary Clinton in the elections that will be held in November. The interview was held just a few moments before Donald Trump locked up his nomination. The comments from the interview may have got Donald Trump to get curious as to why Charles Koch would want to support Hillary Clinton. One thing that came out clear, despite the rhetoric misgivings on Hillary Clinton, is that Charles Koch is not a happy conservative.

When one of the Koch Brothers is mentioned, know the people referred to are David Koch as Charles Koch. Koch is the CEO and board chairman of Koch Industries, a company they inherited from their father and they co-own. David Koch serves as the Vice President of the company. Donald Trump may have been surprised by the comments made by Charles Koch since he is in close contact with his brother.

Koch is over 80 years and has been active and influential in politics, probably the reason why he is considered as one of the wise members of the conservative movement. This is why he is the leader of the movement.

When Charles Koch speaks, it is an echo of the conservative movement. The comments clearly showed that he is a disappointed man and is a reflection of what the national base of conservative donors feel. This presents a big problem when it comes to uniting the Republican Party because it has already affected the donors as they may withdraw their financial support, which may be either upwards or downwards. This will be a big blow to Donald Trump when he is in desperate need of their support.

Trump must now be conversant with “the donor class” as it was regularly brought up with the Republicans and when he was competing against Ted Cruz. The idea came up when people picked Ted Cruz as their candidate to lead the Republican Party. According to Charles Koch, they were not differentiating between crony capitalists and conservative donors. As a result, Trump took advantage and stole the real anger that resulted in them losing everything – the party, the presidency, and credibility.

The donors were looking for someone with politics based on ideas and not who will push ideas that touch on taxes, commercial liability, education, public pensions. Democrats lost because it produced Republican governors in Democrats.

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  1. Charles Korch will support the losing side again if he do not care about the pensioners and the inner American people. The head will actually go up in the mark in the way that Democrats lost in the last governors contest. To see this the introduction in the article attest to some of the fact in world street journals.

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