Successful brands like Fabletics are using a reverse showroom technique to take advantage of all the data available from online consumer trends. The reverse showroom technique means that instead of having to visit an online store, the entire shopping experience is brought to you digitally. Fabletics uses the reverse showroom technique to deliver a unique customer experience online. They do this by using an algorithm that takes results from each individual visitor’s LifeStyle Quiz result and then building a user profile that is specific to each person. This shows Fabletics members more of the outfits they would like to have and less of the ones they dislike. For example, if a user clicks on an outfit and stays on the page several minutes, only to leave, they will likely be shown that outfit again.


The reverse showroom technique also extends to its membership model. By paying around $49.95 a month, members will receive an entire outfit delivered to their door each month. Of course, they can turn that on and off with ease. This is great for people who have busy schedules or simply don’t want the hassle of searching through thousands of items and narrowing it down to what they want to spend. It’s a simple convenience. Fabletics also focuses heavy on its after-care programs, offering members the opportunity to ship anything back they don’t like with ease. It’s a pretty cool system that has made millions of Fabletics members extremely happy with their memberships.


While Kate Hudson is best known as the face of Fabletics, she is actually an integral part of their leadership team. Her philosophy is that she would never become a spokesperson for a brand she didn’t truly believe in. She is incredibly passionate about Fabletics. She not only wears Fabletics wear all of the time, but actively advocates for it. When she first started Fabletics, she oversaw the strategy of all of the social media and marketing. She also works closely with her creative team on advertising campaigns. Additionally, she monitors sales data on a weekly basis so she knows which pieces are loved by members and which are just liked on average. She is also made the push for Fabletics to roll out a line of athletic wear for plus-sized women. She believes health and fitness are an important part of anyone’s happiness.

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