I, admittedly, was a late bloomer in the Fabletics crazy. While it seems a week doesn’t go by where I hadn’t seen Kate Hudson in her stunningly trendy workout gear cross my television screen or hear a co-worker discuss a new piece or two she had just received from the hybrid athletic gear and fashion brand, I had always been hesitant to buy any athletic gear without trying it on first. Finally, after a word-of-mouth review from a close friend came simultaneously with a bonus check I thought, “what the heck? I’m trying to get in better shape, may as well look good doing it.”


I won’t go into too much detail about the line of clothing, other than to say that it has truly superior quality and durability. It is priced in a much more affordable realm than some of the other well-known in-store fashion athletic apparel brands and as a purchaser of both, can really say that Fabletics’ quality is superior. The quest to find the perfect leggings is a hunt many women are familiar with, as there are so many things that can go wrong – material too thin, hugs you in the WRONG places, etc. Their leggins are my favorite piece in each package, as they offer perfect compression that make my backside and legs look a lot more toned than they truly are. The other pieces are fun and fashionable. Unfortunately, I’m top heavy and need to purchase special workout bras, but I mix those with fun tanks and tops that have the ever-popular cut out style.


To me, going to a store to shop for athletic apparel – or any apparel…or really any THING – has become daunting in an age when most everything is available with a few clicks from my couch while I catch up on The Walking Dead. While I love the ease of Fabletics’ delivery system, what keeps me coming back as a loyal customer is the brand experience they create that feels tailored just for me. Fabletics does $250 million in business, so I’m well aware that they aren’t selling just to me. But in a digital age, they have really created an experience that feels like it is made just for me.


Let’s start with the Lifestyle Quiz. After taking the quiz every item shown to me came from the result of my preferences, creating that unique experience that can be attributed to the “reverse showroom” model Fabletics uses. Unlike a traditional store where everything is laid out and you sift through items and collections to find what you want, and then inevitably just go home and buy it off Amazon or another discount website, Fabletics brought the showroom to me. They tailored each curated outfit and suggestion to the preferences I initially provided. This process makes the entire experience more fun and was a lot less daunting than working with a mega-online retailer like Amazon. All in all, the membership model paired with a showroom of fun, high-quality workout gear that has been curated to fit my exact taste is akin to a great massage. Do I truly need it? Probably not. Does it bring joy into my life and make me feel good about taking care of myself…hence making it worth the extra $50 or so dollar. Certainly!